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Travian cheats, tips, and TMbot Crack!
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Please note: Bot WILL Work for T3.6 but cannot read reports to optimize farm list!

Travian 3.5 farming bot

About the script-

With this script you can easily add other villages to your list and let the script do all the farming. From Version 1.1.0 it also checks for new reports and analysis them. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OFFCIAL PAGE!

Multiple villages-

Also works for raids from different villages. Use the checkboxes to mark the villages used for the raids. Targets are saved for each village seperately.


The script can be checked for updates by clicking on the Farming Machine Title at your rally point.
If you want to get notified about changes, just become a fan of this script and activate the notification settings for script updates.



After installation, go to your rally point. A message should pop up to inform you that the Farming Machine is ready.

Go to the map and select the village you want to add. Click on the Link "Add to farming machine" (note that the link is red if you have already added the village before). A box will show up where you can enter the number of troops.

Repeat this step for every village

Please note, that villages are added to the farming list of the active village.

To activate your Farming machine go to your rally point, select which villages should start farming (in the village list: checkboxes, multiple are possible) and click the button to start farming from the selected village.

Now just leave it on the rally point and it will automatically refresh the site, send troops, ...


With Version 1.1.6 Options for adjusting FM to your personal needs were introduced.

Randomize Farming

  • [activated]FM randomizes your villages
  • [deactivated]FM follows the order in the village list

Delete temporary list when stopping
FM copys your Farmlist in a temporary list from which each farm gets deleted after troops were sent (or village got inactiv). This makes FM just selecting from the remaining villages in random mode. With this option you can choose if this list gets deleted when stopping FM or not.

  • [activated]FM will delete your list and will start with the complete list of villages when you start FM again.
  • [deactivated]FM keeps the temporary list and will continue with farming the remaining villages before reloading the complete list again.

Analize Reports to make a priority queue

  • [activated]FM checks your report. If there were no casualties and 100% efficiency, this village gets marked and gets prioritised for the next attack.
  • [deactivated]FM doesn't check any reports - no priority list created


Please don't forget to write a review - this is the only way I can get an impression about the user experience


Farming Machine

All the credits for this script go to Sowrov. I just adapted it to the new HTML-Layout of Travian 3.5

The original script can be found here:

Farming Machine (Teuton Mod)

Parts from the script were programmed by m4rtini for the enhanced "Teuton Mod" Version of the Farming Machine.

The original script can be found here:

Bugs / Ideas

Known Bugs

To check the already known bugs, please visit There you'll find all known and solved bugs.

  • Mark already added villages (in the village view), so you don't add them twice done with v1.0.4
  • Skip already raided villages, until all the villages from the list are done done with v1.1.0
  • Add overview with the sum of all incoming resources solved by the TBeyond-Team
  • Introducing reserve troops
  • Functionality to add hero
  • Variability to troops
  • Make FM-Window floatable
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