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Travian cheats, tips, and TMbot Crack!
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Travian Beyond is a Greasemonkey script for browser game Travian. It is the most popular travian script out there and you can get it from the link at the end of this post.

Since it is a Greasemonkey script you need to have Firefox with the Greasemonkey addon to be able to install it. It basically makes a lot of changes to the travian interface so that it is much more userfriendly. It gives you a much better overview and puts up lots of usefull shortcuts. I really like these shortcuts so that you don’t have
to click in and out of your different villages to find the right buildings all the time.

Travian Beyond has several other usefull features. One is that It gives you access to the notepad from the main screen, and also shows you graphically what level all your buildings and resource fields are at. This is really nice so that you don’t have to click or hover on them.

Travian Beyond don’t do the stuff that a bot does, like auto build, auto farm and stuff like that, it’s the type of tool to use while you’re actually playing to make your game experience easier and more enjoyable. You can download the script from here:

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