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Travian cheats, tips, and TMbot Crack!
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PLEASE NOTE: This site was under construction for a long time. I worked at it then I left, now I am back. Salar has not cracked a new version of either Travian Tray or TM Bot. I'm going to be leaving this site. I may come back and update it if I find something big but for now I shall be playing other games.
 My current obsession is a game called 1000AD It's a turn based strategy war game, it takes bit to learn to learn but once you do you can raise huge armies and destroy other people. Hope to see you over there! 

There are many cheats and tips for Travian, some are legit, others are not. I have played Travian for several years, and I have tried many so called "cheats". There are no actual cheat codes for Travian, but there are many bots, scripts, and tips that can make you much better.

 I have taken time and gone through many different "cheats" on this website I shall update often all the new "cheats" that I found and liked.  To see what is new please check out the Blog section, all people can post their thoughts in the blog section!

Favorite cheat of the week: TMBot
 TMbot is real software, it is created by a real company. It has many cool and helpful features, it has an auto-farmer, which finds farms for you without you having to enter each farm. It also can evade attacks automatically and queue up troops and buildings. There are many other features of this bot. To check out the full list and to go to the TMbot site, click here
the TMbot crack is currently unavailable SORRY :(

TravianTray 1.7.7 Cracked by Salar! Check it out! :D Currently unavailable =(

If there are any cheats not listed here, please go to the forums and post the cheat you think should be added, and if you want to make it easier on me, the link to the official site would be appreciated. Also in the forums your opinions on my site would be appreciated.

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