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Travian cheats, tips, and TMbot Crack!
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Coconut Travian Bot
Click HERE for a link to Download for Windows
Click HERE to go to official site

Planned for the coconut travian bot are the following functions:

  • Automated attacks (constantly attack village at location (x,y), when the troops arrive back home, wait a configurable random time and attack again, repeat this for example 25 times) or attack sequentially: e.g. with the same troops attack village A, when returned attack village B, when returned attack C,… start back with A, etc,… This can be configured for multiple troops.
  • Automatic building of troops (e.g. build 5 praetorians every 30 minutes, repeat 10 times)
  • Night mode (for example log out between 23pm and 7am)
  • A sound/sms warning when there is an incoming attack
  • Automated resource sending (e.g send 1000 crop to village at location (x,y) every 15 minutes, repeat this 5 times)
  • Building/upgrade queuing (build/upgrade buildings and fields starting from level 0)
  • Automated upgrading of units in armoury/blacksmith
  • Plan ahead celebrations
  • Add all farms around your village to your attack list (e.g. add all farms to your attack list in a range of 30 fields around your village, the farms can have a maximum population of 100 and the owner can only have a maximum of 2 villages in total)
  • Send and draw back troops in your village when an attack is incoming (30 seconds before an attack your troops can be sent away, when the attack has taken place on your village the troops will be called back. Resulting in no troop loss!
    • Etc.

    • All these functions work for multiple villages. The bot will simulate real mouse clicks and can have random timings, so when it is configured properly it can’t be detected. The bot works on all T3 servers (also speed) with all languages. The bot can be minimized and you can do other things while it does its work. The bot is written in Java so it can run on any platform (windows, linux, os x, …)

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