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Travian cheats, tips, and TMbot Crack!
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Bot attack all players around, all time without stops:-) and therefore brings much resources
(especially for a night)
Set the list of villages which will be attacked by turn and kinds of soldiers with which attack :-)
Also it is possible to use for automatic attacks, reinforcements, instead of the timer,
send many attacks in 1 second, etc. 
Work nice if you have many villages too.
Bot able to build buildings itself
The list is set what to build and it tries to construct it every 5 minutes.
It is better even than turn in travian-plus since it will construct that is necessary
as soon as will collect resouces, then the following, etc.
Can auto-Destroy buildings also.
Autobuild work in all you villages at the same time.
Bot itself watches all military actions of an alliance, an attack and scouts,
on the members of the Alliance and the against enemies.
Itself shows how many the soldiers has attacked, how many lost, whether were catapults, how many resources have dragged off, etc.
Conveniently for the subsequent studying and the analysis. There is a system of filters and sortings.
For example it is possible to rise and see in the morning that was created at night or for the last few Days:-)

Bot able to send itself resources from village to village
It is very necessary when there are many villages.
For example it is possible resources to drive all in capital automatically, or crop to comrades, etc.
Can send resources when have too much resources >80%, etc.

Bot able to watch growth of the population and to show in a cut of 24 hours of day
For example it is possible to learn when the enemy sleeps, etc.:)

6. Travian - autoSoldiers (build soldiers)
Bot able to build soldiers, horses, rams, catapults, chiefs, settlers, etc.
For example it is possible to build new soldiers every 5 minuts, at night, etc.
Available build army in Great barracks and Great Stable.
Can auto-Upgrade weapons and armoury.
Can doing Celebrations and Great Celebrations automatic.

7. Attacks - Alerter
Bot able to check automatically all villages somebody attacks whether or not
When there will be an attack on village a bot informs about it a signal,
sending ICQ and e-mail messages.
Bot informs you with editable text, with info about number of attacks
and the time till arrival of the next attack.
Can save troops (send reinforcement and back it) and save resources when attack coming.

8. Attack - Coordinator
Bot can start attack at needed time, or attack enemy at attack-time, or attack from many villages
at the same time, etc.

9. Game map
Bot has its own game map in bot with many much settings, very beautiful and useful :)
Own villages, enemies, and friends - bot show all with different colors
Also can find 15-crop villages, 9-crop and others.

10. Some more secrets about which we shall tell on our pages:-)

Plus there are many other function being added. Will not get you banned.
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